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Who Says Nothing In Life Is Free?

October 12, 2007


I went to dinner with a few friends the other night and we found new favorite place. Are attempt that night was to find a new place that we had never been. That brought us to Mimi’s Cafe. At first, we were not sure what to expect when we walked in and saw on there special board “Lobster and Mac & Cheese”. I ordered the Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad mainly because I knew that with this salad came a Seasonal Muffin. This muffin is there seasonal special called the Pumpkin Muffin. It came out right away, which at first seemed strange which quickly went away when I began to look at this amazing site. The scent had an aroma of pumpkin and spices, it was warm to the touch like it had just been taken out of the oven, and it looked like the perfectly shaped muffin. In any case, it tasted as good as it looked! Following this came the salad, which in my eyes had the perfect ratio of Lettuce/Dressing/Chicken/Crutons or as I like to refer to it as the “CDLC Ratio” of Caesar Salads.

The amazing part of this meal came at the end. As we were receiving our checks I asked if they sold the pumpkin muffins to go. Without answering my question the waitress says hold on we have a surprise for you! I thought to myself this is a weird way to answer that question? About five minutes passed when all of the sudden another lady came out with a to go box with four delicious muffins for each of us. How incredible is that. She explained that for their first time guest they like to leave them with a little reminder to make sure they come back for more. How great is that. A business that cares about its customers returning and really doing something nice for them for a change. Not to mention providing a quality product. That goes a long way to forging a good relationship with its customers.

So I am glad to say that there are still a few thing that are free in this world. It also reminds me of the fact that if I can get so excited over the fact I have just received four free delicious muffins. How much more excited should I be over the free gift I have been given so graciously. The gift of eternal life which is only found by faith in Jesus Christ.