Favorite Things

The other night the movie “The Sound of Music” was playing on TV. As I watched I was intrigued when the song “My Favorite Things” came on and it caused me to ask myself the obvious question, “What are some of my favorite things?” While my favorite things are not raindrops on roses nor whiskers on kittens, the following list will show you a few of mine. Enjoy!


Walking in the woods during Fall. (sometimes donning an orange vest at the same time, but not always necessary)

Watching the snow fall. (preferably while I am not driving)

Driving down an open road with a full tank of gas. (perhaps the windows down and a good music playing)

Chicago Style Pizza. (Thin crust is for wimps)

Looking up at a dark sky and being amazed at the number of stars in the sky (then trying to watch for a shooting star)

A well crafted, well written and presented song.

The sound of a mandolin being strummed by a pro.

My grandma’s applesauce

Molasses cookies

Sweet Barbeque sauce on almost anything…

and speaking of sweet…

Sweet little hugs and kisses from my sweet and little niece!

Talking with a good friend about life for hours on end  (and even into the morning)


…these are just a few of my favorite things, what about you? Share with me a few of yours!


3 Responses to “Favorite Things”

  1. Jules Says:

    raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens… TSOM is one of my all time favorite movies 🙂

    some of my favorite things: my sons’ hugs and kisses and their teddies, tiny socks, Emily Dickinson’s poems, plain ham& cheese sandwich..

    thanks for sharing your favorite things. have a great day 🙂

  2. Shell Says:

    I also enjoy the sweet kisses and hugs from niece and now nephew. Just today I was thinking about her and could feel her hugs even though she’s miles away.

  3. Marie Says:

    My favorite things…

    My daughter has to be #1. She can make me smile no matter what.

    I agree with watching the snow fall (while sitting inside by the fire).

    Chocolate chip cookie dough give me a bowl of this and I will be 10 lbs heavier and 10 times happier.

    Hugs when they have not been asked for, but are highly needed.

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