The Letter


I was driving home from work the other day and I was thinking in the back of my mind how everyday after work, I look forward to coming home and seeing what I got in the mail. I think this is something I got from my father. Yes, even if I get a credit card application, at least its something addressed to me. The idea that someone had taken time to write something out, fold it, stick it in an envelope, put the postage on it and put it into a mail box in order to have it arrive in my mail box. It takes quite a bit of effort. As I was driving I was thinking how much more exciting is it, at least for me, to receive a letter from someone you actually care about and who cares for you. I thought about how much more personal and real a letter is from someone as opposed to a text message, or an email. My thoughts changed to other items on my drive like trying to avoid another crazy driver.

Eventually I arrived home and checked my mail box like I do everyday. To my delight I had one letter with no return address? Who could this be? Maybe just a credit card application? maybe another bill to pay? Since it was handwritten I figured it probably was not a credit card offer and most likely a letter from a friend…I was thrilled. Upon opening it and reading the enclosure I couldn’t help but smile! Then I began to think about the thought that I had just a few minutes ago as I was driving home. After reading the whole package I kept smiling for quite awhile.

There is just something about a letter that can never be truly matched by any other form of communication or technology. In our culture today we have many convenient ways of communication whether its by way of a phone call, typing an email or sending a quick text message. All of these are great and well intentioned and they serve there purposes very well, but the one thing they lack is a personal touch. They lack an authenticity that can not be found in a phone call, an email or a text message.

Take for instance a book, now days you can get the book on tape, read books online, etc. Again the same holds true for this cause that nothing can truly replace the feel of pen on paper and holding that book in your hand and turning the pages as if you were walking down the same road as those in the story.

The amazing thing about it all is that we have been sent a letter from someone who loves us completely and unconditionally. Keep in mind that it has taken a very long time and some blood, sweat, and tears to write. Everyone has a copy of this letter probably just lying around their house. This letter talks about how much you are loved by this person, how much they desire a relationship with you; how you can be find favor in their sight. It has been delivered to you and I challenged you to read it. It is real and authentic and is the complete Word of God.


One Response to “The Letter”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I know we often say that the Bible is God’s love letter to us, but many times we don’t read it as it is. We don’t read it as a personal letter, instead we try to match theology and intelligence with scholars or impress those in our small groups or Bible study classes rather than take it as something personal. I know that growing up in youth groups I tried to read the Bible and seek this relationship with God. But it never seemed to click that it was in fact a relationship between me and this letter. Rather I wanted to know what I needed to learn, as if I was going to be graded at the end of the semester on my Bible knowledge. But today, as I learn more about the Bible through studying, and then read it as a letter from my Savior it is full of encouragement, love, sacrifice and mystery.

    Nice point Cory, I do feel convicted at times how I can’t wait to get an email or phone call from someone. Or I am feeling disconnected, but yet I don’t always open my Bible and get to know Him a little more over some coffee.

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