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Just Beyond The Clouds

June 5, 2007


I love to go out to the beach and take shots of the sun as it sets in between the clouds. Two things that I always think of when it starts to rain or the clouds may start to come in to view. First, the clouds are usually allowed by none other then that which is covering the sun from our view. and Second, the sun which is being covered is going no where it is always there, just beyond the clouds. Remember that this is the same in life. Storms may come our way that God has place in our lives for reasons that may appear mysterious to us. Just remember, God is the one that has allowed it. He is Sovereign, and he is able to calm the storms just as He did when He was in the boat with the disciples and said, “Peace Be Still.” Also, do not forget that God is always there. He is unwaivering, unflinching, unchanging. There are times when we see God so clearly, yet other times when we are going through the storm when we begin to question His existence. Don”t lose heart, God is unwaivering, unchanging, and unflinching. Just as the prodigal son made his way back home, God is there waiting for you…just beyond the clouds…a song that comes to mind…

Unwavering written by Bethany Dillon

Blessed are the poor
The kingdom is theirs
Alive in the promise
To be dead to the world
Blessed are the meek
In awe of You, Father
The word of Your right hand
Spirit of Truth

Unwavering is Your voice
Unwavering is Your hand
Unwavering is the heart that bled for the sins of man
Unwavering is Your will
Unwavering is Your plan
The Fount of Salvation on which we will stand