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How much is a 1974 Javelin really worth?

February 5, 2007

74javelinSo in my travels today I went to fill up my car at the Hess on US 19. As I was pumping the gas a nice new pick up truck pulled up with two gentlemen inside. They got my attention and I approached them when they asked if I was interested in selling my car. For those of you who do not know me I own a 1974 AMC Javelin as shown above! Anyway, I responded with a question to them of how much are the asking? Then they countered with a question of how much I was willing to sell it for. I told them a price that I think is fair but a little above market value. They in turn responded with a question of whether or not I would take what it is worth according to the book value in cash. Tempting…but that car to me is worth more then what they would be willing to pay. That got me thinking about some things as I drove away and headed towards work. My parents have always told me in certain circumstances that “Something is only worth as much as what someone is willing to pay for it.” They would always tell me that it may say its worth so much in a so called price book but you still have to find someone willing to pay that amount.

This leads me to the point that our lives have a value just as my car does. No, I do not mean a monetary value, but instead a value placed upon our heart and soul. Where do we find our worth?..or our value? If we try and list our hearts and souls on the market of this world we will find people who will try and purchase our hearts and souls for as cheap as possible so that they may be able to use us in someway to help them selves and to gain an advantage. In due time, those who we have sold our hearts to here on earth will find a way to damage them or cause them to lose value whether it be on purpose or an accident. At this point, you may feel worthless, downtrodden, and not valuable. And in the great scheme of things we are worthless by ourselves, there is nothing we can do to cause our value to rise. There is good news though.

There is a Father who loved you so much that even though you are worthless he paid the ultimate price so that he could have your heart and soul. Remember that there is nothing of which you can do to make your worth increase. It is only by his sacrifice that he demonstrates his Love and that He thinks you are valuable and worthy. He has already paid the price for your heart and soul and it is just a matter of you accepting that and believing that He does love you this much.