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DaVinci What?

June 5, 2006

So here is my two cents on the whole Da Vinci Code Debate:

The body of Christ gets in a big uproar over the Da Vinci Code saying how it consist of blasphemies and how it is degrading to God, His Scriptures and to His Son Jesus Christ. Of course the book and the movie are fiction but all of the concerns are genuine and the fact that they do question the viability of the very faith I hold dear, makes me regard the book/movie with a low appreciation. I will say that I do see the movie/book as another way in which to open a door to conversation about our faith in Jesus Christ, but I still have a problem with the big uproar over just this movie. There have been thousands of movies before this one that have denounced the name of Christ. They come out every weekend at your local box office and DVD rental store. Now they may not denounce or discredit the name of Christ in word but in stead it discredits God and His Love by the actions and motives displayed in the movies. By doing this they indirectly attack what has been taught in the Bible, the grace of God, the forgiveness, and the Love of God. Now we dont hear a peep about these movies because it doesnt directly say that Jesus Christ was married or that the Bible is false or anything like this well shame on us. We must realize that a direct attack on Jesus Christ and his Church will never prevail because it gives a chance to prepare and educate and over take those who come our way which we can see. The problem with the Church today is that we are in danger of the indirect attack that is found in our world today. It is the one that chips away at the sides of the foundation of morals and character that can bring down those in the body of Christ. While we praise these other movies they are in turn attacking us and we dont even know it.

Just a thought…